Empowering Veterans Through the Love of Dogs


Be part of the program that veterans use to lead their team

Increase awareness, engagement, and success!

Grow your business and help support the pairings of veterans and their life buddies!

It all starts with you!

Promote Your Great Service to Veterans

The team at Buddy’s has compiled the best for our veterans, easily accessible in one place. Reach them all by offering your service as part of our ecosystem.

Only the Best in Local Providers Get Exposure

We are looking for the best providers to be our local partners to build lifetime customer relationships with new pet parents and their forever buddies.

Increase Engagement

Since veterans interact with our application as a one-stop shop much more frequently than service-specific apps, the Buddy’s platform keeps your business top of mind.

Support Veterans and Rescues

Proceeds from site sales directly support our partner Sierra Delta, a company dedicated to bringing veterans and dogs together in successful, lifelong pairings.

How it works

The Pawsitive Path Program App gamifies the elements of caring for your dog to increase veteran engagement with the program itself and service providers.

The program is a circle of complete care. It’s integrated into the veteran’s life to make caring for their life buddy and building their bond a daily activity.

We help make it easy and fun by digitally tracking records, sending reminders for appointments and things to do, building a community of interaction and support, and providing resources for help and guidance at every step.

So when a veteran and their life buddy need a trainer for the next phase of the program, they’ll turn to the premier source of trusted service providers and connect right to you through the app.

Our software is the first ever of its kind, which is why Sierra Delta has chosen to exclusively use The Pawsitive Path Program to serve the veterans they help.

Simple, economical listing fee based on zip code and service provided. *Fee is calculated based on size of market and value of service being provided.

Distribute our app to your customers and be pre-populated as a preferred provider. *Subject to an additional fee.

The next order is just a tap away!

Offer your services at discounts as part of the prize package for your clients.

Care application is designed as a game to increase pet parent engagement with service providers.

We believe pets are family

That’s not just our philosophy, it’s how we live our lives.

GOLD LEASH K9 started on one simple idea: more dogs like our amazing Rook need help finding their forever home.

So we designed a simple to use, cloud-based software to help rescue organizations save time, eliminate paper waste, and manage their most important information. It allowed these organizations to spend more time doing their crucial work keeping euthanasia rates down by clearing high kill shelters of adoptable dogs and maintaining them in small kennels or short-term foster care until they find their forever homes.

Then we thought it’d be great to electronically transfer information to the new pet parent upon adoption, and our Life Buddy Tracker app was born. This means from the moment of adoption, every new pet parent is welcomed into a community that provides resources, tools, games, and more to facilitate the best life with their new buddy.

Seeing firsthand how access to resources and support makes all the difference in saving and changing lives of rescues and pet parents, we saw a need for My Buddy’s Marketplace: an online pet store dedicated to supporting rescue animals and the people who love them.

Through My Buddy’s Marketplace, we offer top name food and products selected by rescue pros and pet experts that are always high quality, natural, and safe for your buddy. Our fulfillment is powered by two of the largest pet store distributors in the United States, which means fast shipping, safe products that haven’t been sitting in a warehouse forever, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. AND you can designate 5% of every purchase to the animal welfare organization of your choice, every single time you shop!

Now we’ve embarked on a partnership with Sierra Delta, a company dedicated to enabling veterans and dogs to return to their best selves with companionship and community. Focused on training, resources, and support, we are proud to introduce People Pets Wellness Program and the companion Buddy App!

“The hours of training, learning how each other operates, and taking steps into the world together have all been completely worth it. Leland has truly helped me get back into the 'normal' world, and has been my tether to healing and moving forward. There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be together from day one." -PFC Stefanie Miller on service dog Leland

Veterans and dogs, finding their way home together.

Together with Sierra Delta, we’ve re-envisioned the way to support the Veterans and their dogs so the well-being of both increases over their lifelong bond.