Empowering Veterans Through the Love of Dogs

Adoption Process

You lock eyes, share a moment, and you just know.

Fulfillment begins here.

We’re so glad you’re interested in adopting a rescue animal. The unconditional love and loyalty given by a dog has the power to change lives.

As you embark on the pairing and adoption process, our partner Sierra Delta, will be there every step of the way, assigning individual case managers to see you through the process from beginning to end.

When you apply, you’ll be asked to consider questions about your lifestyle, environment, and personal preferences. Sierra Delta will also collect information related to your service to help determine the best case manager and the proper approach for your unique pairing.

Sierra Delta offers two paths for dog healing companionship: the first is full service guide dogs working with accredited academies around the country; the second is the Buddy, our own program using private trainers across the United States to teach core principles to benefit both the veteran and the dog.

To learn more about the features and differences between the two types of pairings, visit Sierra Delta’s “Two Dog Lanes”.

And if you’re ready to start the process, Sierra Delta’s application only takes ten minutes to fill out. You’ll hear back within 5-10 business days with one-on-one guidance for best-fit scenarios and an exact outline for next steps.

The Process:

Use the Buddy’s search tool to perform research on the animal you would like. Understand the particulars like breed traits, cost, and fit for your household.

Consider all your needs: your time commitment, activity level, budget, kids and other household members, other pets, allergies, and current living environment.

The process can be slow but only because animal welfare organizations want a good match between you and your new buddy.

With the Buddy’s ecosystem, we have improved the process to provide you the best tool for finding the right fit and starting your relationship strong.

Let’s start searching!

Can’t Adopt?

With Sierra Delta, we provide veterans and their dogs with a complete circle of care for their entire lives, donating a portion of all transactions back to our partners.


Find your Forever Buddy